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Seeds (Pitchfork Broadcast)

Seeds is a weekly Pitchfork Broadcast created, produced, and presented by Alicia August. The podcast explores the subversive elements within Silitran society, often engaging in personal interest stories from a sentimentalist perspective.

Notable episodes

Episode 203: The Deer That Ate My Mom

In this episode, Alicia August attempts to retrace her mother’s steps from before they settled in Silitra. Using old camera pictures and excerpts from her mother’s diary, she follows the evidence to find out where her life began. Throughout the episode, Alicia finds and follows more and more evidence but eventually decides to give up the quest due to the fact that much of her evidence contradicts itself and must thus be illogical.

Episode 142: The Farmer and the Feline

In The Farmer and the Feline, Alicia August investigates a local farmer’s failing crops. The Aphist Order particularly commended the Farmer and the Feline on its use of methodistic logic to uncover the source of what could have become a nationwide famine. At the time, Death Priest Aarnol called it: “One of the most riveting examples of our values I have ever experienced. It is a must-listen for every citizen in Silitra.”

Episode 295: Beneath Steel Shadows

In Beneath Steel Shadows, Alicia August investigates the disappearances of Amelia Rogers, a Silitran artist, and Pawel Xin, a clothing manufacturer, and owner of the high-fashion brand, Skelecloste. Both disappeared within days of each other, with no explanation. Throughout the episode, Alicia interviews their spouses and friends. She also examines Xin’s diaries and Rogers’ works of art for clues. The diaries and artwork lead Alicia to a concerning conclusion: Rogers had willfully seduced Xin and manipulated his departure. The trail of evidence leads August to the 92nd floor of the Spire Iron, where she finds Xin and Rogers in squalid conditions. By the time she finds them, Xin has died of an infection. After informing the High Priest Rajesh, Alicia leads the militia to the Spire Iron to collect Rogers. After the trial, Alicia was credited with the capture of Amelia Rogers and with the provision of evidence that led to her subsequent conviction of manslaughter by seduction. Rogers received life in prison. After the events in Beneath Steel Shadows, August interviewed Rogers’ and Xin’s spouses, who now live together and jointly own Skelecloste and Rogers’ artwork.


Although in its early years, Alicia August’s Seeds received positive reviews from both the Aphist Order and Silitran citizens, it has since fallen into disrepute due to its growing illogical tendencies.

Episode 342: The Lawyer and the Beer

In The Lawyer and the Beer, Alicia August investigates Murphy-Murphy Murphy, the public defence counsel of Silitra. Throughout the so-called “investigation”, August makes unsubstantiated claims about the legal counsel’s taste for beer and repeatedly slanders the Aphist Order. Within an hour of its publishing, the Aphist Order delivered a cease and desist to August, who promptly removed the episode and published a public apology.

Unpublished: The Cholera Party

In the year 12, Alicia August investigated an urban legend (and that’s all it was) about events rumoured to have happened during an Aphist Order party. Multiple citizens submitted complaints of undue harassment and slander. Thankfully, the Aphist Order ended August’s haranguing, and she ended the slanderous investigation.

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