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Pitchfork (Network)

The Pitchfork Network is a knowledge-sharing service provided by the Priests of the Aphist Order. All public information is stored on Pitchfork’s servers, which exist in a location known only to the Aphists.

The lucky citizens of Silitra can access this information at any time using a computational device, also known as a computer. In Silitra, many citizens either scavenge and refurbish computational devices or purchase a refurbished device from those with the relevant skillsets.

Thanks to the Priests of the Aphist Order, those without the necessary skills or funds can access such devices at the Aphist Headquarters during opening hours.

Pitchfork Broadcast

A Pitchfork Broadcast is a recorded audio show stored on the pitchfork network. Anyone with an appropriate device and the necessary P address may access and download Pitchfork Broadcasts. Similarly, anyone may create, upload and store a Pitchfork Broadcast on Pitchfork servers.

Pitchfork Broadcasts are regulated by the Aphist Order and must not break any of the cardinal rules. Any overt disruption of the logical order caused by a Pitchfork Broadcast will bring prosecution, imprisonment, and reintegration upon the offending broadcast’s creator.

Notable Pitchfork Broadcasts

Aphist Secrets by Grimaldo Power

Metaphysical Animal by Grimaldo Power

Seeds by Alicia August

Sinners of Silitra by Grimaldo Power

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