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Aington Pal recordings, The

The Aington Pal recordings are a series of ancient recordings found in the Aington Pal building north of Silitra Forest. They were uncovered by unknown scavengers searching for medical supplies long before Silitra's founding. No one has ever claimed responsibility for finding them, so it is generally assumed the original scavengers died.

After Silitra's founding, the Aphist Order found the recordings stashed in one of the many rooms in the Aphist Quarters with an accompanying label. The label simply read: "Recordings found in Aington Pal."

Since then, the Order has taken great pains to decipher the meaning and circumstances of the recordings.


Although the recordings have degraded over time, the Aphist Order has used advanced restoration techniques to decipher some of them. Unfortunately, however, over 90% of the recordings are completely unintelligible.


The recordings feature a person, a professional of some sort, examining their relationship with what appears to be a dangerous beast. The voice most likely belongs to a female. Unfortunately, the quality is so degraded no researcher can say so with any certainty. It appears that this beast, whatever it was, had some kind of ability to telepathically bond with the human brain, weakening its resolve. In the recordings, the female's ability to resist the creature seems to degrade over time.


The current understanding of the recordings suggests the creature might have been some kind of lab experiment. The old race may have created it as a weapon of war. Research into the subject continues to this day. Although, without further evidence, we are unlikely to find any concrete conclusions.

Illegal myths

Several legends abound regarding the contents of the recordings. Of course, each of these legends is completely illegal. Belief or propagation of them is considered a prosecutable offence.

The Aphist order has made it clear that the following legends are entirely without basis and must not be believed:

Legend 1: The creature still lives in the Outlands

The legend that the creature still lives and carries off naughty multiplier children is patently false and should not be repeated. This legend is nothing more than a speculative fairy story. Spreading this lie will result in a two-year sentence of imprisonment and reintegration for Silitran citizens.

The recordings are timestamped with dates that appear to align with the Silitran calendar. However, as we have no clear timeline between ancient history and the modern day, no one can say for certain whether the timestamps would align with our own calendar.

However, the recordings are at least hundreds, if not a thousand years old or more.

Legend 2: The creature's descendants still abound

There is no evidence to suggest that the creature gave birth. In fact, contemporary studies suggest that, as the creature was lab-made, it is unlikely to have any partner with which to conceive. Therefore, as citizens of this great nation, we must stamp this story out. Spreading this lie will result in a two-year sentence of imprisonment and reintegration for Silitran citizens.

Legend 3: The creature was from another world

There are several versions of this legend. One suggests that this creature is some sort of alien being that came to our planet on an asteroid. To believe this story is to misunderstand the fundamental rules of physics.

While Silitran citizens are neither expected nor entitled to understand the fundamental rules of nature, you are expected to understand your ignorance. The Aphist Order expends massive resources to study such topics and has informed the curator of the Museo Magnifica thusly: any asteroid that might enter our atmosphere would disintegrate both itself and any living thing upon it. Spreading this lie will result in a two-year sentence of imprisonment and reintegration for Silitran citizens.

The second and most disturbing version of this lie depends on metaphysical fantasy. Of course, we will not repeat such spiritualist nonsense in this hallowed text. Spreading this lie will result in a life sentence.


A full transcript of the remaining audio can be found here.

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