Illustration: A man stands over an injured elderly man, clutching a knife and poker in a dark living room, bathed in light from a fireplace.

Seeds is the homemade pitchcast by Alicia August from Silitra -- the only town on the planet.


Used to following the insignificant squabbles of farmers and local townsfolk, Alicia becomes embroiled in a dangerous journey of discovery when a local doctor commits the only murder in Silitra's history.

Everyone knows he did it -- including Alicia -- so why is everyone lying?

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The Story So Far...


Episode 1

The year is... who the fuck knows....?

Alicia August is the only journalist in silitra, the only remaining town on earth -- population: 1,000 (not including the multipliers). 

normally Idyllic and prosperous -- at least, according to the priests -- silitra is rocked by the murder of its beloved leader, High Priest Mate. 

Alicia august tells us what happened, how it happened and the alleged why...

An abstract oil painting of a beautiful sunset beneath an ominously red sky



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